Facebook Location Pages, Updates to Live Video and Ad Creation

raven news round up Aug 20, 2018
Source: Social Media Examiner

  • If your business has more than one location, you can use Facebook to set up and promote separate Facebook pages that are specific to each of your stores.
    • The separate location pages for each storefront can be connected to a larger page that is your main brand page.
    • On the main page, there will be a locations tab that allows users to see the store location nearest to them.
  • You are able to edit which posts from your main brand page are displayed on your location pages. Your options include:
    • Always show posts from the brand page to location pages.
    • Show posts from the brand page only when location pages don't publish their own posts.
    • Never show posts from your brand page to locations.
  • With this feature, you can create hyper-local content that is extremely relevant to your followers. Some content ideas include:
    • Local team updates
    • Behind-the-scenes looks at local stores, catalogs, collections, and works
    • Expert webinars for local audiences
    • Local job postings
    • Local blog posts
    • Translated content specific to your location
Source: Social Media Examiner

  • Facebook is currently testing a new layout for scheduled live video posts.
    • Official sizing has not yet been released, however, it appears to default to a cropped version of the cover image.
  • Facebook launches new Creative Shop processes that allow users to convert still images to video ads. 
    • The feature is called "Create to Convert" and allows advertisers to add lightweight motion to still images, creating more compelling and effective direct-response ads.
    • The feature is available to businesses of all sizes.
  • Facebook ads for Stories are officially rolling out to advertisers now.
  • Facebook has added new creative tools to the Ads Manager app.
    • The new tools will make it easier for users to build compelling ad content from their mobile devices.
    • The tools include the ability to add text, crop images, add stickers, logos, and more into your ads.
      • It also includes fully customizable ad templates and color filters. 
Source: Tech Crunch

  • Vidpresso works with TV broadcasters and content publishers to make their online videos more interactive with on-screen social media polling and comments, graphics and live broadcasting integrated with Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and more.
  • Facebook's apparent goal is to give independent social media creators the same tools traditional outlets use so that they are able to make authentic, but polished videos for Facebook. 
    • The platforms want semi-professional creators to be able to broadcast exciting videos with graphics, comments, and polls that can compete with "big video" but still feel natural. 
Source: Ad Espresso

  • It might seem early, but you should actually start planning out your sales strategy for the fall and winter holidays right now!
  • People start to make buying choices a long time before they actually make their purchases.
    • You need to make sure that you're ahead of the game and have your company name in people's heads long before Christmas Eve.
  • Make sure your accounts are synced and in working order.
    • Be sure you haven't missed a suspension or ban on your account.
    • Get your ads approved well before you plan to put them into action.
  • Set goals early and choose offers that tie into those goals.
  • Update your product catalogs and consider making product catalogs specifically for Facebook.
  • Remember that you'll need to watch your ads closely during the holiday season.
    • Adjust and adapt your campaigns based on their performance. 

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