How to Get More Engagement with Facebook Live, Instagram Feed or Instagram Stories?

raven news round up Sep 23, 2018

  • Why focus on Facebook Live?
    • It has 10x more reach than all other types of Facebook content. Since Facebook changed its algorithm in January 2018, organic reach has been declining fast.
    • Facebook Live has 6x more interactions than recorded video.
      • These interactions keep your brand at the forefront of people's brains and are a good way to get the meaningful engagement that Facebook wants.
  • Facebook Live Producer will make going live on Facebook much easier.
    • This is a new product from Facebook that does all of the things third-party tools (like OBS Studio, Ecamm, or BeLive) do.
    • Facebook Live Producer will allow you to bring on a guest, set up split screens, and add text overlays.
    • The tool is built into the web browser and puts other platforms on notice.
  • How to Generate Hype Prior to Going Live
    • Treat a live-streamed video like it is an actual event. Invest time and effort into promoting the live video beforehand. 
    • To get engagement up as soon as you go live, get people to talk about your live video for about a week beforehand.
    • Create a Facebook event for the live video with a detailed description.
      • Explain why people will want to tune in, what you'll be discussing, what you'll be teaching, and what will happen if someone doesn't tune in. 
      • Don't go live within the Facebook event, go live from your page.
        • But you should share a live broadcast link in the event. You can also share this link in an email and social media copy.
      • The day prior to the going live, post in the event reminding people of the live video and ask for last-minute questions.
        • Post another reminder an hour beforehand and share the permalink for the broadcast.
    • Use a Messenger Bot to promote live videos.
      • Tell current subscribers when live videos are approaching and then they can click RSVP in the bot. 
      • The bot can also share a message like "Hey, we're live now. Click here to tune into our new episode."
      • To get bot subscribers, ask people who want a reminder for the live video to leave the comment "subscribe" on the Facebook post that links to the scheduled live broadcast.
        • When someone subscribes, the bot will confirm their subscription, thank them for their RSVP, and then confirm it will send a reminder for the live video. 
    • Try Live Crossposting.
      • Crossposting is essentially asking other individuals or pages to promote content for you.
      • With the Live Crossposting feature, you can partner with other pages so a live video on your page appears on all of your partner pages as well.
  • How to increase Live viewer engagement.
    • Welcome your viewers briefly at the start of your video and then provide some basic info about the video when there are only a few people in the live stream.
      • An easy icebreaker for the beginning of the show is asking people where they're from and saying where you are broadcasting from. 
        • If there is an individual from somewhere really cool you could respond to that.
      • Because people don't join a live video as soon as it begins, try repeating your introduction about 10-15 minutes into the video.
    • To spread the word about your video, ask viewers to tag friends in the comments and share the live video. 
    • Post the live permalink in a Facebook Group ONLY if the video is relevant and offers value to the group. Make sure you adhere to any group rules about promotion within the group.
    • Share comments from viewers on screen when relevant.
    • After the broadcast ends, answer requests for more information to nurture relationships with engaged viewers.
      • The following day, respond to comments from people who watched the replay. 
Source: Ad Espresso

  • Users perceive and use Instagram Stories and Feed in different ways, and are driven to both formats for different reasons. 
  • At the current growth rate for Stories, they are set to overtake the traditional newsfeed for sharing in the future. 
  • Instagram feed ads with additional text can still outperform Stories for cost per conversion.
    • But, when the ad text is removed, Stories actually have a slightly better CPA by 6%.
  • A stories advert generated more interest (seen in website traffic), but due to the limitations of the format, they were unable to convey enough info in the ad itself so to have a lower conversion rate. 
  • The choice between Stories and News Feed ads depends on the offer you are presenting. 
    • A complex product such as ebook is hard to explain in a 15-second video, however, a simple offer like "half-priced [insert product here] if you show this coupon on Friday" could see significant results with the Stories format.
  • Stories require more creative resources, especially if you want to fit in with the look and feel of organic Stories posts which are usually pretty informal.
Source: Mashable

  • Your Facebook Page can now join members-only Facebook Groups.
  • Pages can now interact with communities through these groups, while still representing themselves as a business.
  • Within the Facebook Group settings, there is a new option for group owners that enables them to "allow Pages to request to join as group members."
    • This way admins can decide whether or not they want to allow Pages access to their Groups. 
  • Pages for public figures and brand are now able to interact with fans on a more personal level within the Groups setting.

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