Congratulate and encourage your challengers while promoting your gym and generating leads in the process. These fun, eye-catching elements can make success stories even more exciting to share, which means more positive, organic promotion of your program and your gym! Then everyone can know how awesome you and your gym are.

Personalized Content

Transformation Video


This video is a fun way to say "Congratulations!" to your challengers and show how supportive your community is.
With the before and after photos, it is also a great testimonial to how successful your clients can be on your program!


Branded Before/After Photos

Before/After images are an easy and impactful way to showcase the effectiveness of your program. By putting your logo with the photos you will ensure that everyone knows who helped them succeed!

Branded Certificate of Completion

Make it official so your clients can celebrate their successful journey with their Branded Certificate of Completion.  They can put it in a frame or save it in a scrapbook, either way they'll have a nice reminder of their efforts during the challenge.

Facebook Elements


Facebook Page Banner

Some people hang things on their fridge when they want to brag about someone, but a Facebook Banner is so much cooler. (No pun intended)



Facebook Profile Frames

These exclusive frames are only available if you beat the challenge.

What Comes in Every Success Bundle?


  • Transformation results video

  • Before/after photos

  • Certificate of completion

  • FB Cover Photo

  • FB Profile Frames

    ...all branded specifically for your gym!

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