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3 Ways to Make Your Gym Stand Out in 2021

By Big Raven Media | Jan 29, 2021
3 Ways to Make Your Gym Stand Out in 2021.webp

Getting fit is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, and gyms see an influx of new applicants. Standing out is the best way to reach new members and you’ll want to get creative with your marketing strategies. Below are several to help you reach and engage with people ready to make a change.

How to Improve Your Gym’s Marketing

1. Engage On Social Media


Social media is a powerful tool for reaching and interacting with new audiences. Commit time every day to posting on several platforms to ensure that you're maintaining consistent views and traffic. Add links to short blog posts about fitness or share inspiring messages to convey that you're knowledgeable and passionate about the industry. Posting workout tips, promotions, and even simple welcoming messages are all ways to engage with potential customers.

2. Create Urgency

A new member promotion is a great way to get potential members to commit to your gym. You create a sense of urgency when you establish a deadline. You may want to offer an early-bird discount or free classes for a month, for example. People looking for a deal may choose your gym over another simply for fear of missing out on a deal. 

Don’t limit yourself to individuals either. You can advertise your gym to companies to provide fitness and wellness plans to their employees.

A promotion is also a chance to showcase your assets. Promote a new yoga program, spin class, or weight-training equipment you’ve recently purchased. The facilities and gear alone may be enough to drive people to your door.


3. Re-Brand

A dynamic gym represents a certain lifestyle, and you can send that message through a brand. Marketing professionals can create a new logo, color scheme, or slogan for your facility. Add a unique identity to your gym by posting pictures and bios of your trainers online and decide who you want to reach. Bright colors may attract people looking for a fun, relaxed atmosphere, while darker colors and metallic tones may appeal to serious athletes focused on powerlifting or bodybuilding.

A marketing agency can help you streamline your brand, and companies in Minneapolis, MN, turn to Big Raven Media. These professionals specialize in marketing for gyms and fitness centers. They’ll build a custom strategy based on your goals, including website design, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. Call (612) 567-3750 to speak with a representative or contact them online.

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