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We’re a dedicated team of experienced professionals working on your behalf to drive down the cost and complexity of advertising on Facebook.


What people say about us:

Partner with Big Raven Media — you will NOT be disappointed. This team works hard — they work fast — they are responsive and dedicated. They are creative, honest, and I know they are doing everything to help my business grow and it HAS.

— Lisa, Lighthouse Strategic Solutions, Minneapolis

Delivers on their promises and have AMAZING attention to detail... and when there is an issue (like, any issue) they’re quick and they respond back. Also, they’re fast. I asked them set up a campaign and within 24 hours (actually it was less than 24 hours!) I sent them an email at, what, 8 in the morning, and by 12 they had my campaign set up, the ad was approved that night and we got 24 leads! So exciting!

— Irma, Fitness Transformation Academy, Los Angeles

This group of Facebook ad specialists work so hard for me. The reporting, the ad replacement, the ad optimization, the scaling, the marketing funnel. When they say Facebook Ads Done For You, they really do so much more. They’re truly fantastic.

— Bob, The Music Performance Academy, Fargo


I’ve been running a small business across the last 23 years. Since the internet has become such a dominant force, I have found myself overwhelmed and upset, trying to understand how to piece it altogether. This is unreachable even when you think you’re on top of things because the internet designs and marketing patterns are continually changing. I found Joleen and her Big Raven Media team through a trusted business recommendation.

Joleen is not only a highly technical talent, but as a person, she is one of open heartedness and empathy and understands the stress that comes with owning and running a business. She has created her own technically skilled team that work around the clock to get all the requirements done for your business. The breadth of assistance you can obtain with Big Raven Media is really amazing.

I’ve been leaning on Joleen and her creative team for 10 months now, and I can honestly say, that if I hadn’t found her, I may not still be open for business. I highly recommend anyone looking to get the marketing reach for their business to jump into this group with all the confidence in the world. They are a professionally provider that is very affordable. They have a high moral code of conduct and a creative reach that will enable your business.

— Clare Heasly, Company Director, Melbourne Netball Pty Ltd


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