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A Guide to Writing Successful Business Emails

By Big Raven Media | Nov 09, 2021
A Guide to Writing Successful Business Emails.webp

Sending emails is much more than a way to communicate with employees or sort out issues with a client. Emails are also an extension of your brand’s image and can be an important factor in a successful digital marketing strategy. Below are a few tips for writing emails that will help you make a positive first impression.

How to Write Great Emails

1. Take Your Time

Firing off a quick email to a business partner or employee is often sufficient, but communicating with a potential client for the first time requires some more attention to detail. These messages can lead to increased business and new relationships, so it's important to think about your brand and craft an inviting message.

Spend at least 15 minutes organizing your thoughts and making your email as clear and concise as possible. Then, you'll want to go back over your draft a few times to make sure the thoughts connect logically and that your message is free of grammatical errors.

2. Write Clear Subject Lines

The subject line may seem like a minor detail, but it can help the recipient keep their messages organized. For instance, if you’re sending a report or updated contract, include the date or draft number in the subject line.

If newsletters are part of your digital marketing strategy, subject lines should pique the reader’s interest. Instead of simply labeling the message as a newsletter, use a few words to announce new products or an intriguing sale.


3. Wrap Up With a Call to Action

The end of an email concludes the tone of your brand and can leave customers with a lasting impression of your business. To leave the right impression, conclude your emails by thanking the reader for their time and suggesting the next steps to take. For instance, if you’re writing to a potential lead, ask for a good time to call or invite them to get in touch with any questions.

Like other elements of your digital marketing strategy, newsletters and marketing emails should also direct readers to your website or social platforms. A strong call-to-action can help increase engagement and helps convert readers into customers.

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