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Build Your Brand Worksheet 

Take the time to workshop & strategize every element of your brand—

Doing the work is HOW you'll get more leads.


Joleen Emery is the Founder and CEO of Big Raven Media, a digital advertising agency based in Spring Grove, Minnesota. Big Raven Media has carved out their area of expertise in Local Lead Generation. 

Local lead generation might seem like a no-brainer but it's surprising how many businesses find it difficult to get leads within driving (or even walking) distance from their door.

Getting new customers and generating leads from your area helps establish your business as one that locals know, like and trust. When you're known, when you're liked, and when you're trusted — people will buy from you.

At Big Raven Media we're REALLY good at attracting potential new members/clients/customers/prospects FOR you, month after month, so you always have a fresh stream of new leads.


Schedule a Free Strategy Call with Joleen and get insight into your Digital and Social Media Health.

Find out if what you've got going is really working.

(612) 567-3750 

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