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How Facebook Marketing is Evolving, Pinterest Advertising and Tools for Content Inspiration

This week, we'll check out how Facebook marketing is evolving as well as updates to Pinterest advertising and tools for content inspiration.

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Source: Buffer

● For many users, Facebook has become more of a passive experience. It is a site you go to view a photo, read a news story or watch a video, but not where you share and engage with friends.

● Instead of prioritizing content that will grab user's attention, but drives very little interaction, Facebook wants to favor content that starts conversations and brings people together.

  • "Active interactions such as sharing, commenting, and reacting will hold much more weight than "passive" interactions such as clicking, viewing, or hovering." -Brian Peters

● Facebook wants to encourage businesses to continue creating and sharing high-quality content and will continue supporting third-party tools that help businesses create, schedule, publish and analyze the performance of their content.

● Marketing on Facebook might start to feel more like search engine marketing.

  • Your best content will still reach your audience and take off organically. But for the content that doesn't break through organically, Facebook will offer the chance to display your content to your target audience using targeting features.

● In the future there may also be the opportunity for businesses to think about episodic content, things your audience will actively seek out if they start a routine of knowing when it is published.

● Episodic content doesn't have to be high-end video production like on Netflix. It could be as simple as a weekly Facebook Live session, daily featured images or a question of the day.

Source: Social Media Examiner

● Discover unofficial holidays and popular events using Forekast. These events can inspire you to keep up to date on trending things and other events that relate to your industry.

● Look for trending and interesting GIFs with the website Today on the Internet.

  • If there is an event or topic that is trending on a specific day you'll be sure to find some content on this site that is related to it.

● Find some new content sources using Almighty Press.

  • This site will help you search the internet for social media inspiration. You can search using relevant keywords and focus your search by adding specific websites or phrases you want to see in your results.

● Stay up-to-date with current events through Twitter's Business Blog and their marketing calendar.

  • Trending events on Twitter are likely trending all over the internet.

  • The calendar gives you an awesome overview of all the trending events coming up and the expect tweet impressions for each event.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

● Facebook launched new tools to help group admins keep their communities safe and manage them more efficiently.

● Admin Support is a dedicated place for admins to report issues or ask questions directly to Facebook.

  • Facebook's goal is to respond to these questions within one business day.

● Online admin education resources teach admins how to keep their communities engaged, but still safe.

  • This feature includes tutorials, product demos as well as case studies.

● When an admin or group moderator removes a post that violates the community rules, they can contact the individual directly about which group rule they broke.

● The Preapproved Members feature allows admins and moderators to select members whose content will be approved automatically whenever they post.

  • This feature is intended to save time and allow admins and moderators to focus on connecting with their members.

● Teens are drawn to the apps and content that are highly visual and easily browsable.

● According to a survey conducted by Pew, 85 percent of teens reported using YouTube, 72 percent use Instagram and 69 percent use Snapchat.

  • Facebook falls much lower down at 51 percent usage among teens.

Source: Tech Crunch

● Pinterest normally offers a grid layout on their site that users can flip through, however, this layout tends to compress a lot of content into a small space.

● The new update for advertisers will allow them to take up the full width of the screen with a promoted video.

● This would be a big change to the layout and would give advertisers a lot more presence on the site, increasing their likelihood of attracting the attention of users.

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