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3 Reasons Businesses Can't Afford to Ignore Bad Reviews

By Big Raven Media | July 08, 2019
3 Reasons Businesses Can't Afford to Ignore Bad Reviews.webp

It can be tempting to treat your company’s social media lightly, but in today’s marketplace, your social brand matters. Social media and review sites demand a large portion of your marketing efforts as they are often the first impression potential customers have when searching for your business. While everyone expects to receive five-star ratings for their stellar service, there will always be a few negative reviews that sneak into the bunch. Below are a few reasons to address them instead of ignoring them.

3 Great Reasons to Pay Attention to Bad Reviews

1. Seize the Opportunity to Improve


No business is perfect, even if your facilities, team, and services are exceptional. If your company is receiving similar complaints repeatedly, it means there is a problem. To continue growing and improving, take your bad reviews seriously. You may not always end up agreeing or making large changes, but taking time to contemplate it will teach you a lot about how customers perceive your offerings.


2. Impress Potential Clients


Your existing clients aren’t the only ones watching your social media marketing. And when you interact with followers, those exchanges are publicly available to anyone looking at your pages. Often, while searching for something specific, potential customers start with the reviews. If there are large numbers of unanswered negative reviews, it may create the image of an unyielding business that is not concerned with customers complaints. Instead, address concerns online to show your new clients you care about each customer.

3. Offer Superior Customer Service 

In today’s age of online shopping, good service is even more prevalent because customers can easily shop around. However, many customers will return for superior service. Even after a disappointing experience, you can make up for it with your attention to the reviewer, recognition of a problem, and followup with a solution. Often, coupons, freebies, and lowered prices can also help smooth over the issue.

If you need help tackling online reviews and social media comments, turn to Big Raven Media in Minneapolis, MN, for help. This advertising agency provides exceptional digital and content marketing, and they create comprehensive digital strategies to help your business thrive. Their expert designers create beautiful, user-friendly websites, and they use their knowledge of search engine optimization to make sure your customers find you. To schedule a consultation with a marketing specialist, call (612) 444-1045, and visit them online to learn more about their team.

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