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3 Ways to Promote Your Martial Arts Center

By Big Raven Media | May 14, 2021
3 Ways to Promote Your Martial Arts Center.webp

Whether you teach kickboxing, jiujutsu, or another martial art, chances are good that you face a substantial amount of competition. Making your center stand out from the rest requires the right marketing approach to draw in new customers and spread awareness of your school. Here are a few essential steps you can take to make sure your business is thriving. 

How to Boost Marketing for Your Martial Arts Center

1. Improve Your Ranking in Local Searches


Local searches are the main method as to how people become aware of your business, so you must strive to improve your local search ranking. One way to do this is to ensure your Google My Business® listing contains relevant information. Along with your physical location, phone number, and hours of operation, don't forget to include pictures of your center, customer testimonials, and other info that paints an accurate picture of your business. When there's more information provided, you'll increase your likelihood of appearing at the top of local searches. 

2. Make Sure Content Is Dynamic

Once you've chosen the best platforms based on demographic information, the next step is to wow them with amazing content. Ensuring content is versatile will keep your audience entertained while also presenting the best of your martial arts center to new customers. Videos are a great method of promotion, as they can show off the skills of your dedicated instructors.

Contests and trivia are fun, especially when followers are awarded with a free lesson or some other prize. You should also share relevant articles regarding martial arts, such as nutrition, tournament news, and different practices that can help current and potential students improve their performance. 

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3. Establish a Presence on Social Media

Social media must factor into your marketing strategy since it allows you to engage current customers and expand your brand's reach to a new audience. First, think about which platforms work best for you. If you currently have a significant amount of young people visiting your facility, focus on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. If your customers fit into an older demographic, Facebook is the way to go. 

A professional marketing agency can help hone your promotional approach and ensure lasting success for your facility. Big Raven Media develops digital marketing approaches unique to every business they work with. Through their knowledge and expertise, they can help you create a Google My Business listing, choose the right social media platforms, and craft messages that engage and attract students and followers. They also help with search engine optimization, blog creation, reputation management, and more. Contact them online or call (612) 567-3750 to schedule a free digital footprint audit in Minneapolis, MN.

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