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3 Tips When Using SEO for a Local Gym

By Big Raven Media | Sept 10, 2020
3 Tips When Using SEO for a Local Gym.webp

Gyms have a major responsibility to spread the word about their services to the right audience. When coordinating digital marketing, it’s vital to develop a digital plan that targets the appropriate groups, such as fitness enthusiasts or new trainees looking for a welcoming gym. Search engine optimization (SEO) is key to online success, as it can help bolster your presence in search results and drive more traffic both to your website and facility. Here’s how to make SEO work for you.

How to Make SEO Work for Your Gym

1. Choose Your Keywords


The keywords you choose should represent what type of business you operate and the services it provides since they’re also the words that people search for online. Your goal is to unite the two so that when people search for something specific, such as “Minneapolis gym” or “best local gym,” they stumble across your website in the results.

To find the right keywords, however, you need to do your research. There are many gyms in Minneapolis, so you also need to develop more company-specific keywords that provide people with focused results if they’re looking for something in particular.

2. Optimize the Keywords

It’s important that you optimize your selected keywords for your website. Your title tag, which is essentially the “title” of your homepage, should include words like “gym,” “Minneapolis,” and the name of your facility. Include a specific keyword in your meta description, too, along with information about your services: “(Name) gym provides (classes, equipment, and facilities) in Minneapolis.”

Copies of the descriptions on the main page and throughout the site should include keywords relevant to your gym. Remember that the key to quality search engine optimization is to integrate the keywords naturally—it shouldn’t feel forced or like you’ve “stuffed” the words.


3. Track Your Success

To be sure that your efforts work, you need to track their success. You’ll have a lot of data at your disposal, but it’s key to focus on your traffic using a tool such as Google Analytics™. This allows you to view the pages that receive the most traffic, find what brought visitors to your site, and determine which keywords are performing most effectively. You can always tweak your search engine optimization tactics as needed to generate more interest.

Be sure to monitor your conversions, too—these are the calls to action that you offer to your visitors. As a gym owner, you might provide a discounted membership or a free week of classes. You can use your digital tool to find out which conversions are most successful.

If you’re ready to upgrade your gym’s marketing and online presence, let Big Raven Media in Minneapolis, MN, guide your marketing efforts with their proven expertise in search engine optimization and website design. They’ll help your business stand out in the best possible light while helping you build a name for yourself. Visit the website for more information, or call (612) 567-3750 to speak with a representative.

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