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5 Tips for Marketing Your Fitness Facility on Instagram

By Big Raven Media | Dec 29, 2020

Instagram® has proven to be an exceptional marketing tool for many businesses, with fitness facilities using the platform to their advantage. The photo-based approach makes it easy to target your audience and show what your center offers. Below are a few tips for using Instagram to its fullest.

How to Use Instagram Marketing for Your Fitness Facility

1. Start With a Business Account 


Instagram requires a personal account before switching to a business account, as well as a Facebook® business page. Access your Facebook account center and find the “create” button. Select the type of account you are starting and hit “get started.” You will need to enter a page name and category as well as contact information for the business.

After uploading your logo and cover photo, you can save and go back to Instagram to complete the setup. In settings, select “switch to business profile” and choose your Facebook business page.

2. Create the Right Handle

Choose a handle that is easy to remember and spell, and ensure that it’s a good representation of your fitness center and clients. Avoid numbers and symbols, and stay consistent with your brand. Include your business name as well as an abbreviation or phrase that encompasses what you do, such as fitness, personal training, and other related words.

3. Fill Up the Page 

A busy page filled with activity is more likely to gain followers than one with a few images. Start with at least 10 photos or videos that represent your brand. Ensure your uploads follow the right sizes for the platform for a clean, professional look (square images should be 1080 x 1080px, vertical 1080 x 1350px, and horizontal 1080 x 566px). Always select an active and engaging thumbnail for videos to entice people to click them.


4. Build Your Audience

Start with family and friends to build an initial group of followers, and invite followers from other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn®, and Twitter® to follow your page. Instagram has a convenient button in your profile that allows you to connect with Facebook friends right from your settings.

5. Market Well

Follow the 80/20 marketing rule when it comes to content. Every fifth post should be promotional, meaning the other four should include exciting, attractive content about your clients, facility, and values. However, too much promotional content can feel like spam to your audience. You are more likely to engage them with before and after photos, and images of your trainers performing exercises or working with clients.

If your fitness facility in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Metro Twin Cities area needs a marketing boost, contact Big Raven Media. Based in Minneapolis, MN, the locally-owned and -operated marketing agency works with you to customize a campaign that drives leads through inbound marketing channels. They specialize in social media marketing and search engine optimization, giving your strategy a significant presence on the market. Call (612) 567-3750 for a consultation or visit them online for more on their digital marketing options.

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