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5 Tips for Shooting & Publishing Fitness Videos

By Big Raven Media | Nov 02, 2020
5 Tips for Shooting & Publishing Fitness Videos.webp

Videos are an effective marketing tool to boost your fitness brand. As people increasingly embrace digital training they can do from home, demonstrating your ability to teach via video is even more critical. Follow these tips for creating and uploading visually appealing and useful fitness videos your followers will truly value.

How to Make Fantastic Fitness Videos

1. Select the Time & Place


Choose a suitable location with sufficient space for a fitness video. If you're filming indoors, make sure you have enough light. If you're filming outdoors, shoot close to sunrise or sunset because mid-day lighting can warp the colors of your footage.

2. Prepare Your Tools

Use the best camera you have. Many smartphones can shoot high-quality footage. Don't rely on your phone's mic for audio, however. Get a lavalier mic to clip onto your shirt. Finally, if you don't have a friend shooting for you, you'll need a tripod stand to hold your camera.


3. Choose an Outfit

Wear form-fitting clothing, as this best shows the movements of your body. Steer clear of super bright colors, which can look harsh on the screen, and avoid logos, which can raise legal issues. Dark blue is a good option—the color will pop, but it won't have you blending into the background like black will.

4. Treat the Camera Like a Person When Shooting

Make eye contact with the camera the entire time, as if it's a student you are engaging with. This makes viewers feel like you’re giving “eye contact.” As you shoot, move deliberately. Slow and steady motions are easier for the camera to pick up.

5. Edit the Final Product

The internet is flooded with fitness content, so you want to ensure your video stands out from the crowd. Always edit after shooting to adjust lighting, audio, and flow as needed. Tools like Quik® and iMovie® make it easy. You can also use these tools to add titles and transitions.

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