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A Guide to Engaging Gym-Goers During the Pandemic

By Big Raven Media | March 01, 2021
A Guide to Engaging Gym-Goers During the Pandemic.webp

While the pandemic has presented numerous challenges, one of the most notable is the impact on gyms. Many face the risk of shutdown or decreased operation hours and patrons. However, these issues may be alleviated or avoided with creative social media marketing. Here are some great ideas to engage current and potential patrons. 

4 Ways for Gyms to Maintain Social Engagement During the Pandemic 

1. Create Videos & Streams 


Although people can’t go to your gym, they may still want to work out. Help them do it at home by livestreaming routines, sessions, tutorials, and discussions about fitness tips and FAQ regarding exercises and nutrition. You could also record these sessions separately from the livestreams and post them as videos, incorporating them into your social media accounts or embedding them into your website's design. Consider using video chats for one-on-one virtual coaching, too. 

Since parents use their computers more often because their children are still learning virtually at home, they may appreciate workout videos and streams that are catered to them. The sessions can provide an outlet for the parents' energy and support them in their efforts to stay healthy. Offer the routines as printouts in case the parents want to limit screen time. 

2. Connect With the Community 

Coordinate with other businesses in your area to optimize all of your social media marketing campaigns. For example, work together to cross-promote your services and provide education on the pandemic and resources for struggling citizens. Ask for healthy meal suggestions or inspiring fitness stories. Run polls on fitness-related topics, such as favorite exercises and equipment.  

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3. Challenge People 

Some of the most effective social media marketing campaigns draw out a friendly sense of competition. Host fitness-related contests daily or weekly. For example, see who can do the most push-ups or squats or who can run the longest. 

You could also challenge people to beat their own personal records and measure their improvement. Promise rewards like free merchandise or discounted gym memberships for the winners. 

4. Promote Merchandise 

Work with your marketing team to figure out some products that would promote your brand in a way that also helps people exercise at home. For example, make sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts, shorts, water bottles, and other items featuring your logo. Create an online store for them, then make individual posts highlighting the benefits of each individual item, complete with links to the store. Have your employees show themselves using the items on social media, too. 

For help brainstorming and implementing social media marketing ideas that would work for your gym, contact Big Raven Media in Minneapolis, MN. With a mission to make digital marketing simpler and more affordable without compromising quality, it’s their pleasure to help your gym thrive during and after the pandemic. They’ll manage your accounts and report their success while continuously searching for areas of improvement. Get started on your new fitness marketing campaign today by calling (612) 567-3750 or message them online.

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