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The Latest News and Updates on Facebook and Twitter

By Big Raven Media | Sept 27, 2019
The Latest News and Updates on Facebook and Twitter.webp

A Message from our Head Raven,
Joleen Emery:

 Greetings from the Conspiracy, my Friday Roundup Ravens!

(Believe it or not, that’s not actually a reference to the latest presidential shenanigans. In point of fact, a group of ravens is called a “conspiracy of ravens” just like a group of cows is called a “herd of cows“ and a group of manatees is called a “gaggle of manatees”. Trust me on this.)

Normally we bring you three digital marketing tidbits on Friday. This week, however, we’re bringing you an extra fourth bonus item. (On the other hand, the first three all relate to Facebook, and the fourth is about Twitter. Cue my favorite childhood Sesame Street song: Three of these things belong together, three of these things are kinda the same… )

The first, and most important is our list of “11 Facebook Tips You SHOULDN’T Do”. These act as a useful checklist when evaluating the state of your digital marketing strategy (on ANY platform, actually, not just Facebook). (Keep reading after the jump for the complete list.)

The second relates to Facebook’s controversial facial recognition feature; you may want to double-check your privacy settings on this one…

Thirdly, Facebook announces its acquisition of Servicefriend, which builds hybrid “chatbots” (in case you’re not already using some other AI-powered chatbot service like Manychat on your site to help field customer service calls and lead inquiries).

Lastly (bonus!) Twitter is rolling out “Twitter Next” to help brands market themselves on Twitter. Twitter has traditionally had GREAT engagement, but most companies have had a hard time leveraging themselves on Twitter. This is Twitter’s effort to try to turn that ship around.

Whew. I KNOW it was only one more thing, but it still felt like a lot more to get through. Have a great weekend, my beautiful conspiracy theorists!

— Joleen

Facebook advertising is an important marketing tool that will allow you to highly target your preferred audience, significantly increasing your odds of reaching individuals who need your goods or services.  Unfortunately, if you’re not correctly advertising on Facebook, your ad campaigns may fail. Marketers tell you what you should do, but not many tell you what you shouldn’t. There are more than a handful of common mistakes you should avoid. 

1. Changing Ads Too Quickly - Yes, you need to regularly change a few elements of your ads to combat the dreaded ad fatigue, which causes your ROIs to plummet, but you also need to let your ad campaigns run long enough to allow Facebook’s system to optimize them. 

2. Expecting Quick Results - It takes time and experimentation to obtain your coveted ROIs. Have patience and let Facebook’s system finish the learning phase uninterrupted. 

3. Not Knowing Your Target Audience - If you don’t know who to target, you will reap unsatisfactory results, serving ads to an audience that is unlikely to respond to your offer. Not only that, if you don’t know your target audience, you won’t provide the kind of quality content your prospective customers are looking for. 

4. Neglecting to Scale Ads -  To grow your business, you may need to increase your ads’ reach or bid higher to reach new customers, which requires an increase in ad spend especially on campaigns that are performing well . If you don’t scale, you will let slip the countless opportunities to reach new customers, watching your business remain stagnant.  

5. Failing to Replace Ad Creatives - To avoid ad fatigue, you need to create multiple ad visuals for one offer. For example, if you’re promoting your social media management services, reuse the same message but change the accompanying image or video in the ad. Better yet, change both the visuals and the copies.

6. Advertising without a Strategy or Objective - Before you run your campaigns, you first need to clearly define your objective and set a realistic goal that you can measure. 

7. Choosing the Wrong Image -  Images capture your audience long before your words. When running ads, split test different ads with different images to see which performs the best. 

8. Neglecting to Install the Facebook Pixel - The importance of the pixel extends beyond retargeting. It also allows you to exclude specific audiences which  spares you the expense of courting customers who already converted through your ad. 

9. Choosing Too Narrow an Audience - If  your target audience is too narrow, the system can’t get enough data to learn what works, which can make it difficult for you to shape future ads. The system needs at least 50 conversions to optimize the delivery of your ads. 

10. Expecting More for Less - If you want to increase conversions, you need to pay for them. If you decide to invest in cheap creatives, lackluster copy, a hideous website, and below-average products, then don’t expect to generate thousands out of Facebook ads. You get what you pay for. 

11. Advertising with a Bad Website - You need to consider the state of your site—completeness, traffic, effectiveness of landing page—before you send customers there. If your website doesn’t convert now, adding extra ad spend isn’t going to change it. Instead, make sure that your website works first, then use advertisements to direct customers to your landing page.  

  • Facebook announced that it is making its facial recognition features easier to turn off and will no longer automatically opt new users into face tagging, though anyone who previously had it enabled will continue to be opted-in unless they update their settings. 

  • Anyone who didn't already have a "facial recognition" setting will get the update, as well as a notification explaining the feature and the ability to disable it. 

  • You can check your settings by selecting "face recognition" under your Facebook privacy settings, or via this link.

  • As Facebook prepares to launch its new cryptocurrency Libra in 2020, it’s putting the pieces in place to help it run. 

  • Facebook’s plan is to build a range of financial services for people to use Calibra to pay out and receive Libra — for example, to send money to contacts, pay bills, top up their phones, buy things and more.

  • In one of the latest developments, it has acquired Servicefriend, a startup that built bots — chat clients for messaging apps based on artificial intelligence — to help customer service teams.

  • Twitter's looking to provide more assistance to brands looking to maximize their on-platform efforts with the launch of 'Twitter Next', a new, strategic arm of Twitter Marketing which will provide a range of insights and advice to selected business partners. 

  • It also recently unlocked a beta-trial of its new Brand Reminders platform, which enables advertisers set up auto-reply campaigns to notify fans about new content. e.

  • Twitter Next is constantly analyzing audience behavior and conversational patterns on Twitter to inform campaign and product launch strategies for brands.

  • Twitter Next offers marketers a menu of brand voice consultations and workshops, designed to hone their company’s personas in a relatable manner.


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