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3 Content Marketing Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

By Big Raven Media | Aug 12, 2019
3 Content Marketing Myths You Shouldn’t Believe.webp

As a new business owner, it can be a little intimidating to consider all of your future marketing needs. Branding your company and deciding how you want to broadcast your products and services requires significant time and effort. Content marketing can be the single most significant factor in growing your online presence and turning your brand into a recognizable commodity. Creating and distributing valuable content can help to drive website traffic, convert leads, and develop customer loyalty.  As with any business practice, there are myths about digitally marketing your business, and you should be aware of the following three misconceptions.

3 Content Marketing Myths

1. My Business Doesn't Need Content Marketing 


In reality, almost every business can benefit from content marketing in some way. It is successful because it gives you a chance to tell your company's story. There are multiple gyms, fitness studios, and boxing gyms in any given city, and they can all blend into one another and appear to be the same. Any brand that has an online platform needs to have content marketing to differentiate themselves from competitors by highlighting what your business can do that those others cannot. 


2. The Results Should Be Instant & Free 


Good content takes time to create and develop, and it can take six to nine months to see the full benefit of content marketing. Because of this, patience is essential when it comes to realizing the vision you have for your business. Cultivating followers, creating a recognizable online presence, and marketing yourself to the right consumer, is going to involve a certain amount of trial and error. When it comes to cost, this form of marketing is much more affordable than traditional marketing and is about three times more effective in generating leads. 

3. I Can Do It Myself 

It can be tempting to try to create your online content by yourself. If you have a background in content writing, then this method may work for you. However, if you don’t have the experience, writing content authentically can be challenging. Navigating software, understanding SEO (search engine optimization), and keeping up with scheduling content is a full-time job. Invest in a content writer who understands your brand's voice and can communicate that to your audience. You need someone who knows the industry, and you could benefit from consulting with an agency that focuses on social media marketing.

If you’re ready to invest in content marketing, contact the experts at Big Raven Media. Based in Minneapolis, MN, they offer a variety of services like search engine optimization, website design, and social media marketing. Visit their website to learn more about how they can help your business improve its online marketing strategies, and call (612) 444-1045 to schedule a consultation.

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