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4 Reasons Your Facebook Strategy Isn't Working

By Big Raven Media | Nov 07, 2019
4 Reasons Your Facebook Strategy Isn't Working.webp

Think of Facebook and other social media marketing as a “For Sale” sign in front of a house. Most people aren’t going to buy a home without knowing more about it, just like most people aren’t going to trust a brand they’re unfamiliar with. While your Facebook marketing strategy helps put your name in the minds of your target audience, it isn’t a quick and easy path to increased brand awareness and revenue. Review some of the most common reasons for Facebook strategy issues and what you can do to resolve them.

Why Is My Facebook Marketing Strategy Not Getting Results?

1. There’s Too Much Image Text


Consumers aren’t interested in ads cluttered with text. They want content that grabs their attention and makes the product, service, or offer clear within a few seconds. Make your ads visually appealing and easy to digest to retain user interest.


2. Your Target Market Is Experiencing Ad Fatigue 


Seeing the same ad over and over again quickly fatigues your target audience. They may even block your page because they’re tired of viewing the same content. Allow your Facebook ads to run their natural course before switching to a new format. While you can still remarket old ads, stagger them accordingly, or revitalize your page with new offers or product announcements.

3. The Offer Doesn’t Engage Users

People need reasons to click on ads. If your ads are not seeing action, it might be because users don’t feel compelled to pursue them. Consider what’s missing from the advertisements and make adjustments, such as offering free sample products to the first 50 buyers on your website or announcing an upcoming event featuring free or discounted services.

4. You Aren’t Targeting Your Ads

When you skip over the ad location options when creating a Facebook ad or boosted post, you are boxing out your target audience. If you manufacture yoga mats and want to sell to people in the San Diego, CA, region, you need to be sure that the ad will target consumers living in that area. Check the appropriate location boxes every time you create an ad or post related to your Facebook marketing strategy to put content in front of the right audience. 

Discuss your Facebook marketing plans with the team at Big Raven Media in Minneapolis, MN, to enjoy a higher return on investment. This marketing company maintains 24/7 contact with its customers and offers daily optimization, management, and reporting services to clients throughout the Metro Twin Cities. Call (612) 444-1045 today to get started or visit the team online to learn more. Like their Facebook page for additional sales and marketing tips.

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