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3 Tips to Market & Implement Virtual Fitness Training

By Big Raven Media | Dec 29, 2020
3 Tips to Market & Implement Virtual Fitness Training.webp

After more than nine months since the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) hit the states, the country is gradually finding ways to return to a somewhat-normal operation schedule. For personal trainers, that’s meant offering virtual training sessions. If you’re looking to utilize this strategy, the following marketing and implementation tips will help you get started.

How to Market, Coordinate, & Host Virtual Training Sessions

1. Market 


Social media marketing is highly effective at both attracting new clientele and maintaining your current client base. Regularly posting informative and engaging content will drive potential trainees to you by making you appear reputable and knowledgeable. Focus on sharing videos that show how to complete an exercise with proper form, articles or infographics about nutrition, and tips on incorporating fitness into everyday life. You can also utilize social media to advertise your new virtual training session offerings through regular promotional postings. 

2. Coordinate 

Once your followers are aware of your virtual offerings, encourage them to connect with you either through comments or direct messages. From there, you can schedule training sessions. Schedule appointments at least one week out, and provide a PDF of any exercise equipment needed to complete the workouts, such as dumbbells, mats, and resistance bands. You should also highlight what the client will need to virtually connect—typically, this includes a phone or laptop with video-chat capabilities, as well as a strong WiFi connection.

Providing this information ahead of time will allow your clients to invest in the necessary resources and technology, as well as get comfortable using the set-up. You won’t have to waste any of your scheduled time working out technological kinks, like a poor internet connection or an inability to join the call. 


3. Host

When the time comes for your clients’ appointments, gather all the necessary fitness and exercise equipment, ensure you have enough space to perform the workout in conjunction with them, and sign in online. Confirm with your trainee that they can see and hear you properly before getting started. Continue to check in with your client that they can hear and see you throughout the appointment. Since you won’t be there to physically correct them regarding proper form and there may be potential latency between your respective camera feeds, focus on being clear and vocal with instructions and tips. 

If you need help marketing your new virtual fitness classes and one-on-one sessions, talk to the professionals at Big Raven Media. Based in Minneapolis, MN, and serving professionals throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Metro Twin Cities area, this locally-owned and -operated agency is proud to provide expertise in SEO and social media marketing. Give them a call today at (612) 567-3750 to schedule a consultation, and visit them online to learn more about their services.

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