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3 Tips for Using Fitness Videos to Market Your Gym

By Big Raven Media | April 15, 2021
3 Tips for Using Fitness Videos to Market Your Gym.webp

Having an internet presence is an essential part of operating a successful business these days. For a gym owner, video marketing provides a huge advantage for showing prospective clients what you have to offer. Also, saving the content to a social media platform can help your established fans share your informational content and provide a catalog for newer potential patrons to explore and reference when considering your facility. Here are a few tips to remember if you are taking the first brave steps in this direction.

How to Use Fitness Videos for Effective Gym Marketing

1. Have a Plan


The average person can only concentrate for about eight seconds at a time, so you have a small opening window to grab their attention and keep them engaged. Come up with a clear, thought-out idea for your video ahead of time. 

While a script isn’t necessary, you should know what to say and avoid rambling, along with unclear or confusing wording. This ensures watchers you have a point and will immediately get to it so that they will feel more inclined to watch the entire video. For example, when making a workout video for your viewers, start by informing them what the exercise is called, what muscles it targets, how to perform it with proper form, and how long your viewers should perform it for.

2. Be Mindful of Lighting

While you can use your phone to capture the workout or fitness discussion, the location should be lit correctly. Too much or little light will wash you out or result in unflattering shadows, making your video seem unprofessional.

When setting up, start with natural lighting. The soft light provides a gradual transition from light to shadow, which is more pleasing to look at. From here, place the main light that will illuminate you slightly off to the side of where you'll be facing. Place a second, less-bright fill light on the opposite side of the room to remove shadows and a final light 30 degrees behind you to keep the background from looking flat


3. Analyze & Edit

You’ll want to record the entire script multiple times since the first take isn't always great. Play it back to see what could be changed. If you have a friend or coworker nearby, ask them to point out any errors or areas of improvement. 

In many cases, using video editing software is necessary for piecing together what works. As you make more videos, you'll become more proficient at figuring out when to use certain angles, how to pace your speech, and what viewers connect with. 

Video marketing doesn’t start or stop with creating the content. At Big Raven Media, they'll utilize social media to make sure your video is seen by a growing number of people in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, area who are likely to be interested in what your business has to offer. Fill out their online form or call them today at (612) 567-3750 to learn more about their video marketing services.

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