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5 Reasons Your Business Should Utilize Facebook Stories

By Big Raven Media | May 12, 2020
5 Reasons Your Business Should Utilize Facebook Stories.webp

In today’s perpetually connected world, everyone seems to be on at least one social media platform. That’s why social media marketing is an invaluable tool for businesses, especially those in the fitness industry. Features like Facebook Stories allow you to connect with customers on a wide-scale, opening new doors for your company and showcasing what your brand has to offer. Here’s why your fitness-based business should post Facebook Stories.

The Social Media Marketing Benefits of Facebook Stories

1. Keep up With the Trend


With more and more websites adding this feature to their platform, the use of social media stories is booming. Most businesses haven’t yet caught up with the movement. As the latest social media marketing trend, it would greatly benefit your business to utilize this tool while it’s still fresh. You can showcase daily workouts, healthy eating tips, and featured customer testimonials.

2. Increase Visibility

Facebook Stories appear at the very top of the app and web page. While advertisements can get buried within dense news feeds, your followers will see your stories front and center, allowing them to find your content as soon as they open Facebook. This will improve your chances of gaining customer interactions, engagement, and views. Utilize this feature to promote high-priority, upcoming events, such as a free yoga class or a fitness program with limited availability.


3. Get Personal


Facebook Stories have a more casual, fun, and spontaneous tone, contrary to the professional feel of websites and advertisements. Uploading stories allows you to give your consumers an exclusive and personal look into your business. This is your chance to be creative and produce short, energizing content that will help viewers to feel connected to your brand. Consider taking the user “behind the scenes” of your daily fitness regimen.

4. Promote Your Brand

While fun and informal, stories are still a form of advertising and can effectively promote your business. You can use hashtags and geotags to expand your reach, see who is viewing and interacting with your content, and increase brand awareness. With 2.5 billion active monthly users—making it the largest social network in the world—Facebook is the best platform to boost your brand.

5. Avoid Difficult Algorithms

Constantly changing advertising algorithms can make it harder for consumers to view your posts naturally while scrolling through their news feeds. With Facebook Stories, you can give new and current customers daily content without having to pay for advertising. As a bonus, you won’t need to stay on top of complicated algorithms.

Do you need help promoting your fitness-based business on social media? The digital marketing team at Big Raven Media knows precisely how to establish and strengthen your brand in a competitive market. Serving fitness and wellness companies throughout the Minneapolis, MN, area, this marketing agency offers strategic, cost-effective solutions to boost your image and engagement with consumers. Call (612) 567-3750 today to schedule a free consultation with a social media marketing expert. If you have any questions about their services, fill out a client contact form online.

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