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5 Proven Digital Marketing Tips for Fitness Centers

By Big Raven Media | March 16, 2022

Every successful gym needs state-of-the-art equipment and a skilled, experienced staff. However, advertising and marketing bring potential customers through the doors, and having an effective strategy is essential for building your client base and standing out in a crowded field. Here are a few key digital marketing tips for helping your fitness business succeed.

A Guide to Marketing a Gym

1. Understand the Audience


Whether you want to attract a younger crowd or appeal to seniors trying to stay in shape, identifying a target audience is the first step in any effective marketing strategy. When making decisions about the content, keywords, and other aspects of a marketing plan, you'll need to know how the target audience would react.

2. Research Keywords


Your business might publish blog posts and social content to help boost search result standings and drive traffic toward your online platforms. When designing a digital marketing campaign, research what keywords related to the industry are often searched for in your area. You should also learn what keywords your competitors have been using successfully. This will help you decide what type of language to use in your digital marketing efforts.


3. Segment the Target Audience

Fitness facilities usually try to reach a very narrow audience, so success depends on successful segmentation. Fortunately, social media allows you to target content to users based on their age, location, personal characteristics, and even their personal interests. Developing a profile of an ideal user will help you get the most out of your digital marketing budget.

4. Create Engaging Content

Even the most carefully targeted marketing campaign hinges on engaging, creative content that will draw in users. For instance, you might create short videos demonstrating proper lifting form or post weekly meal plans for losing weight or building muscle mass. The key is to make the content entertaining as well as useful and post on a regular basis, so the readers know what to expect.

5. Don’t Focus on One Platform

Most people have accounts on multiple social media platforms and may subscribe to a few newsletters. However, you can’t depend on the majority of your audience congregating on the same website.

Each social media platform has its own strengths, which you can leverage to drive traffic to your own corner of the internet. For instance, you might post polls and questions on Facebook, use Instagram for instructional videos, and provide quick fitness tips on Twitter. Using every platform helps you cast the widest net and reach as much of your core audience as possible.

With cutting-edge techniques and a proven track record of success, Big Raven Media has helped fitness centers across the Minneapolis/St. Paul area thrive. Whether you’re just getting a gym off the ground or have been operating for years, they’ll develop a digital marketing campaign that's sure to bring in new members. Visit their website for more on their marketing services, or call (612) 567-3750 to discuss your strategy with a member of their team.

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