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5 Marketing Tips for Yoga Studios

By Big Raven Media | Aug 11, 2020
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Yoga is a popular fitness routine for people of all ages and backgrounds, helping many incorporate elements of meditation into their fitness routines. If you are running a yoga studio, marketing your location is vital for building your business and getting students in the door. Below are a few tips to consider.

How to Market Your Yoga Studio

1. Social Media


Social media marketing is an effective tool, giving your yoga studio an opportunity to not only reach a wider audience, but to also make stronger connections with your current students. Platforms let you share information, photos, and tips along with promotions for upcoming classes or special events. Clients enjoy videos, which is why tools such as Instagram Story® and Facebook Live® are particularly effective in connecting with your clients and standing out from other locations.

2. Google®

Google is one of the most-used search engines, so ensure your Google profile is up to date, complete, and exciting to attract as many people as possible. Also, make sure all of your contact and location information is correct, and include a profile photo. For multiple locations, optimize each profile so it shows up in “near me” searches. Another important tool is the Google My Business™ feature that is part of your Google Business® account, which allows you to advertise deals and events for free, which is also shareable on social media.


3. Email

Email marketing is still a viable way to engage clients and find new ones. It allows you to send out crucial information such as class reminders, updates, and special promotions. You can also send out newsletters, class handbooks, and other necessary information, as well as keep in contact with them.

4. Client Reviews

Many people rely on reviews and customer experience when choosing a business, especially personal recommendations. Ask current students to post reviews on places like Facebook and Yelp. Don’t be afraid of negative reviews, especially since addressing them can demonstrate how well you handle conflict or misunderstandings for good customer service.

5. Special Events

Special events are a great marketing opportunity, especially when you connect them to a community event or charity. Offer special classes or demonstrations at fairs and wellness gatherings, or promote a class that will support your favorite non-profit. This approach connects you to your community, which is where your client-base will most likely come from.

When you are ready to give your yoga studio’s marketing a boost, contact Big Raven Media. Located in Minneapolis and serving St. Paul and the Metro Twin Cities areas since 2016, the marketing agency offers its customers a 24-hour communication channel, making them accessible for top-notch client care. They also offer daily results reporting to see how their content marketing strategies are helping your company. To learn more about their services, including search engine optimization and website design, call (612) 567-3750, or visit their website for their resource page.

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