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How to Use Customer Testimonials in Marketing

By Big Raven Media | June 13, 2020
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Building your brand and establishing a tribe of loyal customers takes time. However, one of the best tools for gaining new customers is one you already have: Your existing followers and fans. Getting testimonials from individuals who are happy with your work and eager to recommend you to others provides legitimacy to your marketing efforts. Consider the guide below on how using testimonials strategically can give your business a big boost.

3 Ways to Successfully Use Testimonials 

1. Advertising 


Using customer testimonials in your advertising content lends credibility to your message, and helps establish trust. By showing real customers and letting them talk about their experience in their own words, potential patrons don’t just have to take your word for it. Your marketing becomes more authentic and inspiring to people who want similar results. 


2. Social Media Content 


Staying engaged with your followers on social media requires time and effort to develop meaningful content. Sharing customer testimonials in social posts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter can help your engagement by spurring conversations with your followers. Even better, you can use a testimonial to ask other customers to share their experiences, building your supply of future content. 

3. Testimonial Pages

Surveys indicate that more than 90% of people read online reviews before making buying decisions, and more than 80% trust reviews as much as they trust friends and family. Incorporating testimonials into your website, either on their own page or as part of your review page, gives potential customers the chance to see what others are saying. Even if you post testimonials on other web pages, a dedicated testimonial page is a smart marketing move to provide more in-depth insight into your company. 

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