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Why Do Contractors Need a Presence on Google?

By Big Raven Media | Oct 07, 2021

As a contractor, you probably already know how crucial your website is to your business. However, there are many other digital marketing strategies you must employ to remain successful in your field. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important component of advertising your business, as it helps ensure a high search ranking, which then brings more visitors to your site. Because Google is among the most popular search engines, it's important to establish a robust presence there so that users can learn more about your services. Here are a few ways to build a better presence on Google.  

3 Steps for an Enhanced Presence on Google

1. Make Sure Your Website Is Secure


Google is all about making sure users have a great experience, so security is a crucial concern. Sites with a secure socket layer provide assurance to visitors that any information they input will be safe. As a result, more secure sites enjoy a better search ranking than those without important security measures, which can put you ahead of the competition. 

2. Be an Authority in Your Field

Contractors can use blog posts to establish themselves as a source of trustworthy information. When developing blogs, think about the information you could provide that will benefit your customers the most. From there, use your expertise to offer reliable information to help users make smart decisions. If they're impressed by your guidance, they'll be more likely to seek out your business for assistance. 


3. Feature Unique, High-Quality Social Media Content

Google has certain criteria for what makes quality content and will move engaging, user-friendly social media content higher in search engine rankings, especially if it has been repeatedly liked and shared. To stay visible on search engine result pages, it's important to post consistently on multiple channels as part of your digital marketing strategy. You also want to ensure that content is free of typos and errors and is enjoyable for the reader. With quality content, visitors are more likely to hang around your social media sites and seek out other information, so be sure to link back to your business's main site.

To help your business rank higher in search engines like Google, turn to Big Raven Media for a successful digital marketing strategy. Serving businesses across Minneapolis, MN, they not only build effective websites, but they also have the experience and knowledge to enhance your presence on Google to attract a wider audience. Schedule a free digital footprint audit today by calling (612) 567-3750. You can also contact them online for more information on their services. 

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