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3 Ways Digital Marketing Teams Can Help Handymen

By Big Raven Media | May 15, 2020
3 Ways Digital Marketing Teams Can Help Handymen.webp

As a handyman, your focus is on helping home and business owners with real-world, everyday maintenance needs. With this in mind, the modernity of the internet might not seem to fit into your mission of fixing appliances for your patrons. However, a digital marketing team can use their tech skills to help your business adapt to a 2020 audience. Here’s why you should bring these experts into your circle of team members.

How a Digital Marketing Company Can Help Today’s Handyman

1. Enhance Search Engine Results


Most clients don’t find a handyman until they absolutely need one. This means they’ll probably use an internet search engine, such as Google® or Bing®, to type in their needs and location when searching for relevant businesses. Therefore, when a homeowner inputs “handyman near me,” you’ll want to be one of the first companies in their recommended search results.

Unfortunately, improving your ranking on Google and other search engines isn’t easy—it requires advanced technical techniques such as SEO, or search engine optimization. However, a reputable digital marketing company can produce content, such as how-to articles and troubleshooting blog posts, and fill them with keywords your ideal client will search for. This will raise your position on their search results, increasing your chances of getting hired.


2. Improve Your Website 


When your client’s sink has sprung a leak, they don’t have time to pull out their laptop and do some formal research. They’ll probably just use the nearest phone or tablet to perform a quick search. Therefore, your website must be optimized for all devices, including mobile ones.

A successful website is easy for clients to navigate and sports a clear yet eye-catching design. Digital marketing teams can help redesign your website for an ideal user experience, one they can access at home or on the go.

3. Garner Attention Through Social Media

From retail shops to grocery stores, many businesses rely on impulse purchases to increase their bottom line. However, as a handyman who must be contacted to provide service, it can be hard to draw in customers who aren’t currently in need of maintenance or repairs.

With social media marketing, you can grab the attention of clients when they’re relaxing at home or taking their lunch break. By having a marketing team place your name and service on social media sites, customers will know exactly who to call when the toilet stops flushing. If they like the ads enough to follow your business’s profiles, they’ll also get constant reminders of your services whenever you post updates.

If you believe digital marketing could improve your handyman business, contact Big Raven Media. This Minneapolis, MN, company will market your business, increasing brand awareness and drawing in new, loyal customers. From email marketing campaigns to social media ads, you can count on their tech-savvy team to create a successful strategy. Learn more about their services by visiting the website, or call (612) 567-3750 to arrange for a consultation.

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