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Announcing Hashtag Manager & New Scheduling Features on Instagram, plus Google's ‘Live View’ AR

By Big Raven Media | Aug 09, 2019
Announcing Hashtag Manager & New Scheduling Features on Instagram, plus Google's ‘Live Vie

A Message from our Head Raven,
Joleen Emery:

Hello again, Dear Ravens! TGIF, amirite?! Before you sign out to enjoy a beautiful August weekend, we’ve got a few bits and pieces of digital marketing news to ponder. (I promise I won’t keep you long — I want to get out of here just as much as YOU do!)

Our first item is a new “hashtag manager” tool for Instagram. Tired of trying to remember which hashtags to use for which kinds of social media posts? Tired of copying-and-pasting large groups of hashtags or (heaven forbid!) re-typing them manually every time? If you use Buffer to manage your posting then they have you covered with their new hashtag manager feature. This allows you to easily manage groups of hashtags and associate them with various target audiences. If you haven’t tried Buffer yet, we’ve found it invaluable in our own social media marketing workflow, and it’s reasonably priced for the amount of time it saves us.

On the other hand, one of the primary features of Buffer is its ability to schedule social media posts far into the future, which leads us into our second news item: Instagram is rolling out a scheduling featuring of its own, right within its Creator Studio tool, so if scheduling future posts is the only reason you currently use Buffer, you can now get the same feature for free from Instagram itself. (More after the jump.)

Lastly — and admittedly this falls more on the fun side of so-called “news” items — Google is launching a beta test of “augmented reality” (AR) walking directions for Google Maps. This overlays all sorts of useful information on top of Google Maps’s view of the world, particularly directions and wayfinding information. Hopefully this doesn’t lead to a resurgence of people walking around our neighborhood holding their phones out in front of their faces like we saw with the Pokémon Go phenomenon from a few summers back!

Aaaaand… we’re outta here! Have a great weekend my fine feathered friends!

- Joleen -


The only predictable thing about Digital Marketing and Social Networks is change. The instant you feel like you've got a handle on the way things work is the very moment when new things take over. To help stay up-to-date on all the latest news in social media and digital marketing, we scour our favorite blogs, follow industry thought leaders, and engage in digital communities.  We pull all that information together and share it with our community in our weekly Raven News Round-up. Hopefully, all of our creeping will save you time and bring you valuable nuggets-o-wisdom. 

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If your business is using Instagram,  then you must be familiar with the burden of grouping relevant hashtags, and then pasting or re-typing them into every post manually. 

  • Buffer, a social media scheduling platform, recently launched Hashtag Manager to help Social Media Managers and business owners save and organize hashtags for Instagram. 

  • With Hashtag Manager Buffer Premium and Business customers will now be able to create and save groups of hashtags directly within the Buffer composer. 

  • The ability to create groups means you can have numerous sets of hashtags based on different segments of your audience or the target audience of your posts.

  •  it also allows you to keep your captions tidy and place hashtags in your first comment. 

Instagram opened the new scheduling feature to a small group last month, but the social media company seems to be rolling it out more broadly this week. 
Some accounts may already have this feature while some may not. 
If you don’t have this feature yet, you will likely see it soon. If you already have it, check out how to schedule posts on Instagram here.


Instagram will soon allow you to schedule posts using Creator Studio, a dashboard that allows business or creator account holders to manage their posts on desktop devices. The notification for the roll out appears on the Instagram page of Creator Studio. Check out for more details here.

  • Google is launching a beta of its augmented reality walking directions feature for Google Maps, with a broader launch that will be available to all iOS and Android devices that have system-level support for AR. 

  • New feature includes the ability to just tap on any location nearby in Maps, tap the ‘Directions’ button and then navigating to ‘Walking,’ then tapping ‘Live View’ which should appear newer the bottom of the screen.

  • The Live View feature isn’t designed with the idea that you’ll hold up your phone continually as you walk – instead, in provides quick, easy and super useful orientation, by showing you arrows and big, readable street markers overlaid on the real scene in front of you. 

  • Google Maps is also getting a number of other upgrades, including a one-stop ‘Reservations’ tab in Maps for all your stored flights, hotel stays and more – plus it’s backed up offline. 

  • This, and a new redesigned Timeline which is airing on Android devices only for now, should also be rolling out to everyone over the next few weeks.


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