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3 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Facebook Page

By Big Raven Media | Aug 13, 2021
3 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Facebook Page.webp

As a small business owner, you’re responsible for finding and staying in touch with potential customers. Creating a Facebook business page allows you to interact with the site's 2.89 billion active users, find your target audience, and connect with them directly. If you’re unsure about signing your business up for Facebook as a digital marketing strategy, consider the following benefits.

Why Should Your Business Have a Facebook Page?

1. Gain Insights About Your Target Audience

Through Facebook Insight, business owners can learn more about how audiences interact with their brands. You can analyze the time of day your target audience is most engaged with the page and which content was most and least popular with users. This information can be summarized for the past day, week, or month in graphics that help you visualize the data. Using this information, you can adapt your digital marketing plan to reach more potential customers on Facebook and other social media platforms. 


At the same time, you can also create polls and ask users questions directly via the page to collect insight that can further improve your digital marketing strategy.

2. Create a Community

Your business page creates the perfect virtual gathering place for your target audience. Past customers might provide reviews and other feedback that your team can respond to directly to help build your reputation and brand recognition. To actively build a community, post relevant and interesting content that users can like, comment on, and share. In addition, use the platform to promote and organize contests and promotions, which will further incentivize engagement with the page. Over time, the page can become a place for like-minded people to gather and promote the business. 

3. Improve Search Engine Optimization

By posting useful content with relevant keywords on Facebook, you can improve your company's search engine optimization rankings. Search engine algorithms review the type of content on your page and how people interact with it through clicks, likes, and shares. The more relevant content that’s posted, the more traffic will come to your page, which will indicate to the search engine algorithm that your page is a source of authority in the field. This will help your content move up in the rankings on search engine result pages and allow more potential customers to come across your business. 

For additional tips to complete your digital marketing strategy, turn to Big Raven Media in Minneapolis, MN. This knowledgeable team helps clients throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding areas grow their businesses with the latest digital strategies. To schedule a free digital footprint audit, call today at (612) 567-3750. For more about their approach, visit their website.

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