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A Guide to Marketing on Instagram

By Big Raven Media | Jul 23, 2021
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Outside of traditional promotions for your business, embracing social media marketing is a great way to find new customers, engage with existing ones, and grow your overall reach and reputation. With the right marketing strategy, you can harness the power of social media sites like Instagram to allow users to connect and share valuable content about your business. If you're new to Instagram and wondering how best to market your company on the platform, here's a quick guide to review.

Understanding Instagram Marketing

How Do You Get Started?


The first step to Instagram marketing is downloading the app and creating an account. Choose a handle that includes your company name as closely as possible. Once created, check the settings to ensure your profile is marked as a business account so that you can add a contact button to your profile. Plus, you'll have easy access to paid advertising tools and analytics so you can know more about your audience and which posts are resonating.

Next, you'll want to add quality images that speak to your organization and the brand aesthetic you're trying to create. Since Instagram is a visual medium, it's important to think carefully about each image you post and how it'll look when a person is browsing the app or looking at your profile. 

Once you have a series of images, start your profile by posting photos with captions that introduce your organization and your products or services. Additionally, don't forget to follow neighbors, friends, and other related companies to build a community and learn more about how customers are interacting with the competition.


What Digital Marketing Strategies Should You Try?

In addition to a meaningful biography and quality content, it's important to stay engaged with your audience. Like and reply to comments as a way to stay connected with potential customers. Hosting digital contests or giveaways on this platform is another great way to generate more followers and new leads that can translate to more revenue for your company. You can also follow hashtags and accounts that are relevant to your business to continue to grow your network. 

Maintain an ongoing schedule of posting new content at least once a week so that you stay visible to followers. Then, when you have the funds or become more comfortable with the site, you can use Instagram's paid advertising tools to promote particular posts or specials you're offering and monitor the performance of your ad campaigns. 

If you're looking for ways to enhance your Instagram profile and online presence to generate more leads and repeat business, count on Big Raven Media. Based in Minneapolis, MN, and serving clients throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding areas, this dedicated team of social media specialists will help you grow your business with their proven digital marketing strategies. To schedule a free digital footprint audit, call today at (612) 567-3750. For more information on their approach, visit their website. 

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