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Augmented Reality Ads, Facebook Stories, Marketplace and Tips for Instagram Stories

This week we'll take a look at augmented reality ads on Facebook, developments in Facebook Stories, Ads in Marketplace and tips for your Instagram Stories.

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Source: Tech Crunch

● People may see an advertisement on the internet, but they still will usually want to go into a store to test out the product or try it on.

● Augmented reality ads allow Facebook users to eliminate that step of having to go to the store before buying a product.

  • Now they can try on sunglasses, makeup and more all within Facebook.

● Advertisers that have already taken advantage of this new feature include Michael Kors, Sephora, Pottery Barn, Wayfair and Bobbi Brown.

Source: Tech Crunch

● Facebook is starting to test Stories Highlights. Similar to Stories Highlights on Instagram this feature will let you pick your favorite expired photos and videos and put them together into themed collections.

  • Similar to Instagram, you'll be able to come up with titles and cover images in order to display them on your profile.

● Facebook Stories Highlights will be found on a horizontal scroll ball on your profile.

  • You'll be able to see how many people viewed your Highlights in the same way you can check in on regular Stories.

● People all over the world listen to Spotify. The platform has around 90 million listeners.

● Spotify has a 24 percent lift in ad recall for audio ads.

● Other benefits of advertising on Spotify:

  • Increased efficiency: You can plan, buy and manage audio ad campaigns directly in the platform.

  • Budget flexibility: You can run campaigns with any sized budgets.

  • Free audio ad creation tool: If you don't have pre-produced audio assets, you can use Spotify to build audio ads for free.

Add more colors.

● Create a drop shadow effect on the text.

● Record "Hands-Free."

  • Choose the Hands-Free option in the Instagram Stories camera.

● Create a solid background color.

● Create a selfie sticker.

  • Make a sticker out of your selfie and put it in your stories.

● Use one finger to zoom in and out.

  • You can zoom with just one finger instead of pinch zooming. This way is much easier because pinch zooming can be sensitive or inaccurate.

● Mention other accounts.

  • By mentioning other accounts you can boost your Instagram connections whether they are other businesses or influencers you work with.

  • Every time you mention someone they get a notification of your tag and a direct message with a preview of your story.

● Upload stories that are older than 24 hours.

  • You have the ability to upload a story that you didn't have the time to in the past.

● Download your Stories to Camera Roll.

  • Keep your Instagram Stories forever by downloading them to your camera roll.

● The items you advertise using Marketplace placement won't be sold via Marketplace.

  • You're advertising in Marketplace the same way you would advertise in the newsfeed or other placement options.

● The majority of the products that are listed in Marketplace are bought and sold locally.

  • This means that if you want your business to succeed in Marketplace Ad Placement you'll really want to work on a local focus.

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