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Facebook Marketplace Advertising,Tips and the Latest Video Feature on Instagram

This week we dive into advertising in the Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Event tips and the latest video feature on Instagram.

To help you prioritize what to read, we’ve created a ranking system of 1 - 3 ravens. The bigger the flock, the greater the importance. If you want more than our summary, click the title for the full article.

Instagram Will Launch Snapchat Discover-Style Video Hub

Source: Tech Crunch

● This feature will be a home for longer-form video and will be a competitor for Youtube and Snapchat Discover.

● This space will be dedicated to featuring scripted shows, music videos and more. ● The tentative launch date for this feature is scheduled for June 20th. ● Instagram has been meeting with social media stars and content publishers to figure out how their video channels on other platforms would work in the Instagram app. ● The long-form video section will include an area dedicated to popular videos and also provide a "continue watching" option. ● Long-form clips will be featured on the producers' profiles near the Stories Highlights bubbles. ● The videos must be pre-made. Users won't be able to film and post long-form videos directly on Instagram.

Facebook Monetizes the Marketplace

Source: Tech Crunch

● Users can pay to "Boost" their listing to more people through the News Feed.

● For novice users, it's simple; set a budget and decide how long the ads will run.

  • Unfortunately, there are no additional targeting options outside of being shown to 18+ users in nearby ZIP codes.

● Now, businesses can also advertise their products in Marketplace. Businesses can extend their existing News Feed, video, Instagram, Messenger and other ad campaigns to Marketplace.

● The ads in Marketplace will be auto-optimized for clicks. This means that when people start to click your ads, Facebook will show the ads to people of similar demographics.

Facebook Event Tips for Marketers

Source: Social Media Examiner

● How to use a Facebook Event to generate leads:

  • You can sell tickets to your event (even if it's free) through a service like Eventbrite.

  • Anyone who purchases a ticket or signs up for a spot is added an exportable contact list.

  • A second way to capture leads is by creating lead ads and ads for your lead generation pages on your website.

■ Then you can target your ads to people who responded to your Facebook event.

● How to promote an event on Facebook:

  • Create an event frame for your conference, party, gathering etc. These event frames are profile and page photo overlays that attendees can use to promote the event to their friends, followers, and fans.

  • You can also share the link to your public Facebook event on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

● How to keep interest levels high after an event is ended:

  • Encourage your event attendees and vendors to share their favorite stories, photos, and videos on the event page.

■ You can also share official photos from your event photographers.

  • Promote your future events with an audience made up of attendees from a past event.

  • Create a Facebook Group where event attendees can network with other event attendees, speakers, sponsors, and organizers.

Facebook Announces New Ways to Enjoy Music

Source: Facebook Newsroom

● You can now share videos with music on Facebook.

  • Facebook is working with the music industry to open up more options for creativity and sharing memories with your friends and family.

● Lip Sync Live is a new feature for Facebook that allows its users to lip sync to some of their favorite songs from a wide variety of genres.

  • While you're broadcasting, your friends will see the artist and song and can tap to follow the artist on Facebook.

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