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Facebook Watch Launches Around the World, What You're Doing Wrong on Instagram

● Group admins can now add a pixel to their group.

  • This feature will allow marketers to track user growth, activity, and engagement with their websites from their Facebook Group.

  • The pixel can help users justify using Groups as an advertising venue.

  • Currently, this feature is limited to Groups with 250 or more members.

● Admins can now pin comments in their groups.

  • In an effort to help admins grow and manage communities on Facebook, Facebook is testing the ability for admins to pin comments in conversation threads in groups.

● Facebook experiments with conversation starter badge in groups.

  • This badge highlights users and admins who consistently create meaningful discussions with their posts.

Source: Ad Espresso

● Find the right balance between your budget and your campaign's audience size.

  • With a small budget and a small audience, it will take time before frequency becomes a problem.

  • But, if you have a huge budget (thousands of dollars/day) you'll need a much larger audience to target. If your audience is too small people will quickly start seeing repeat ads and get annoyed.

● React Quickly.

  • If the frequency of your campaign goes above 5, it's time to start monitoring it more closely.

    • If the performance becomes too low either refresh the design of your ad or try a different value proposition.

    • If you're completely stuck, stop the campaign and target a completely new audience. Go back to the original audience after a month and your results should be a bit better.

  • Exclude people that have already converted as a result of your targeting.

    • If someone has already bought the product or service you're advertising, don't keep advertising the same product to them! The customer will get annoyed with your company and won't do business with you again.

    • Use a Custom Audience to exclude existing customers from your targeting.

Facebook Watch is now available everywhere!

● The feature launched in the United States about a year ago as a place for users to find shows and video creators they love and to start conversations with friends, fans, and creators themselves.

● Facebook Watch going global means there are new opportunities for creators and publishers around the world.

  • Facebook is expanding their Ad Breaks program so more partners can make money from their videos.

  • They are also offering new insights, tools, and best practices for Pages in Creator Studio

Source: Mashable

● You haven't chosen a theme.

  • If your feed feels too inconsistent, it can be hard for your followers to keep up, especially when they don't know you in real life.

  • Stick with a theme and a consistent color scheme.

  • If you want to play with borders and unusual image sizing, do so consistently.

    • If you're constantly switching, your profile can start to look messy.

● You're not filtering to your full potential.

  • Preset Instagram filters are NOT a one size fits all. You need to play with filters when your pic location changes.

  • One filter might look great for an indoor picture, but not so great for an outdoor picture. You need to cater to each photo.

● Your photos are backlit.

  • These photos aren't always a bad thing but can be difficult to pull off and edit, especially on your phone.

  • Use an editing app to increase the picture's exposure and then decrease the contrast. On the Instagram app, turn up the shadows in the Tones tab.

    • This will help lighten up a dark photo.

● You're over-saturating.

  • Bright colors are awesome, but a lot of people bump up the saturation on photos to the point that it looks cringy.

  • To avoid an over-edited look, experiment with warm and cold tones of the image.

    • Lowering the image's contrast can also help give the picture a more even feel.


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