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How this studio got 765 leads in less than a month

You've just unlocked the doors to your brand-new studio. You have a fantastic team of instructors behind you, a superb location, all the best equipment…but you're lacking one important thing: customers. You may have the perfect studio, but with no one coming through those doors they won't be staying open for long. What you need are leads, and Big Raven Media’s team of marketing professionals will get them for you. With our help, one of our clients got 765 leads in just 26 days. That’s pretty stellar!

For those in the dark, let’s establish what a “lead” is before we get any farther. A lead is industry jargon for any submission, phone call, click, or comment from someone who wants to buy what you’re selling. Essentially, if you want to build a successful business you’re going to need quality leads. Fortunately, we know just where to find them.

So how did one fitness studio gather so many leads in such a short amount of time? It’s pretty simple. Our team at Big Raven Media did what we do best: we made our clients SOARRR.

SOARRR is our multi-step process for getting our clients quality leads. Here’s the breakdown:

Social Media



Results, Reporting, Retargeting

Everyone and their mother is on Facebook, so advertising over this Social Media platform is one of the best ways to get quality leads for you. And when we’re pushing your ads on Facebook we make sure we’re investing in the best ads, the ones that are going to get you quality leads.

Our team of experts work to make sure you have a personalized advertising campaign. One that optimizes your business goals, target market, and financial situation.

After we get the ball rolling on your ads we closely track their progress so we can improve them to best suit your particular market.

The next step involves a lot of background work over Facebook. We use a system that automatically notifies us when you get a new lead. Because of this we’re able to respond immediately with an email or text so there is less chance that the lead will run cold.

As we mentioned earlier, we’re constantly monitoring the progress of your ads. Every workday we have diagnostic meetings where we examine the results of your personalized ad strategy. We look at the goals of your ad campaigns, your market, and what offer you’re try to promote. After gathering all this information we determine what an acceptable lead cost is for you and what our next steps will be.

Throughout the 26 days that our client offered their promotion we were looking at all those factors. At the end of the campaign here’s what the numbers looked like: 765 leads in 26 days with an average cost per lead of $2.68. We’re really pleased with these numbers, and so was our client! This is why we always report back to you on your progress — we want you to stay in touch with how your campaign is going and what we’re actually doing to help you SOARRR. We won’t bore you with stuff you don’t really care about; we want to make it as easy for you to understand as possible!

And now we have reached the final point in our SOARRR strategy: retargeting. Instead of advertising straight to cold traffic it can be beneficial to target people who were almost leads. These are people who maybe clicked on your offer, but didn’t actually sign up, or maybe just visited your website. Because they’re already familiar with your business it can be easier to pick them up as an actual lead the next time they see your ad!

If you want to put your fitness studio on the map and earn a ton more leads, Big Raven Media is here to help, so you’d better get ready to SOARRR — your doors won’t be closing any time soon!


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