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How to Get More Engagement on your Instagram and Facebook Posts

On this week's roundup, we take a look at how to get more engagement on your Instagram and Facebook posts, as well as some updates to Instagram stories.

To help you prioritize what to read, we’ve created a ranking system of 1 - 3 ravens. The bigger the flock, the greater the importance. If you want more than our summary, click the title for the full article.

● Instagram, asking questions is a great way to encourage responses.

  • A good question promotes an open-ended discussion, is timely and revolves around a current trend, and is easy to answer.

  • A bad question has one specific answer, is political in nature, or involves difficult theoretical thinking.

● Make posts that encourage quick comment replies.

  • These posts often ask your followers to caption something, fill in the blank or is a multiple choice question.

● Reply to comments on your posts. Interacting with your audience will make you more favorable in their eyes.

Source: Ad Espresso

● Storytelling often helps brands to sell more products. In your caption, you should try and tell a story or sell a lifestyle.

  • Instead of using stats about your product or service, tell a story that is intriguing and will make your audience long for the same experience.

● Instagram captions can be up to 2,200 characters long, but you should never actually reach that character count.

  • A short and sweet caption will get your audience's attention without overloading them with information.

  • Longer Instagram captions can also be used, but it is important to go about them wisely. Think about formatting and spacing; how will the caption will appear to a user?

● Use questions to catch your followers' attention and start a conversation.

  • Don't just ask random questions though. Your questions should be meaningful and relate to your brand.

  • Try asking for feedback about your product or service, use simple black-and-white questions and get personal.

● Use emojis wisely. A few well-placed emojis can bring some color and life to your post, but don't go overboard. Too many emojis will be distracting and obnoxious.

● Hashtags are fantastic for earning engagement on your posts, but like with emojis, too many hashtags will be meaningless and distracting.

  • All the hashtags you use should be relevant to your caption and your brand. Don't annoy people with off-topic hashtags.

● Connect with other pages and brands in your caption.

  • Influencers are huge on social media. 92% of consumers trust and influencer more than an advertisement or celebrity.

● Don't forget a call to action. A CTA will drive people to do something.

  • Your CTA should relate to your business goals and either get people to interact with your brand on social media or encourage them to purchase something.

Source: Tech Crunch

● Recently, several Instagram users reported in a survey that they watch stories to keep up with brands they like and get a closer look at the products they're interested in.

● Now companies can add shoppable tags that will pop up in Stories.

  • The little shopping bag sticker directs users to more details on the item and how they can purchase it.

●When someone tags you in their Story on Instagram you receive a direct message notifying you.

● With this update, after someone tags you in their Story there will be an option for you to add that individual's Story to your own Story.

● You can customize the new Story with stickers and text before sharing it.

● The username of the original poster will be visible and tappable on the new Story.

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