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How To Keep Your Members

You just finished teaching your third training session of the day, and now you’re cheerfully looking at all your clients milling about your studio. You’re currently offering this great promotion and it feels like business is really booming! But you can’t get too caught up in the hype…what happens when your promotion ends? Are all those clients going to stick around or will you be facing an empty studio next week? To evade this business blunder you should always be thinking about what you’re doing to keep your members coming back week after week after week to ensure steady cash flow and avoid business hiccups. Here are some tips for retaining your members:

Get Involved

Make an effort to develop a relationship with your members. This shows that you are invested in your client's goals and aren’t just there to make money off of their sweat. Check in with them on a regular basis to get sense of how they’re feeling physically and mentally. Ask about their soreness and what they think about their classes. With their feedback you can better cater to their needs and give them the best experience possible! This approach shows that you are devoted to your clients, that they’re more than just a number to you.

Create A Social Environment

Losing weight and building muscle has always been labeled as a lonely individual journey, but why? Groups are so much more fun! Try offering group classes. They give your members a support group that understand the challenges they are facing. A group setting is sometimes less intimidating and classes become a time to hang out with new-found friends. It’s not just a workout anymore but a social experience!

Organize Facebook Groups

Facebook will help you extend the social community from your physical studio into the online world. Create Facebook groups specifically for your members where they can share workout stories, fitness goals, and simply connect with one another. Use these groups to plan studio events and send casual updates to your members as well!

Don’t Limit Yourself To The Space In Your Studio

Life happens, which means people aren’t going to make it to every single class. This is where online tools come in handy! When one of your members misses a particular class direct them to a pre-made training video (created in your studio, of course). With this tool your member stays active even if they’re not able to make it into your studio that day. Keep in mind, however, that these videos don’t serve as a substitute for an in-person class — they are just a way to stay active when someone’s schedule gets too tight. Another thing to try are weekly emails for your full-time members. Send out tips, stretches and other little things that might be helpful! These extra features make your studio more than just a place to sweat for a few hours but an all-around support system!

Offer Members Promotions Before Anyone Else Sees Them

Show your clients the perks of being a member by treating them to special promos before they’re shown to the general public! Maybe try out a “plus one” deal where your members bring a friend to class for free! Hopefully this plus-one will eventually turn into a full member. Special promotions create more incentive for committing to a full membership and create a sense of insider exclusivity.

Email Wisely

You don’t want people to forget about you so automate your emails! After someone completes their first session send an email their way. To make this easier (and so you don’t forget), try out a program that automates your emails (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.) In your follow-up email ask about how their first session went, how they’re doing with any soreness and give them some tips to deal with different types of pain. Remain light-hearted and friendly throughout your email — you’re still trying to sell yourself! And at the end of your email let them how they can sign up for their next sessions. Don’t let potential members walk out the door without a second thought. If you want to keep your studio filled you need to be constantly thinking about how to put your best image forward. Owning a fitness studio can seem a little overwhelming at times, but hopefully these tips will help you keep your members coming back time and time again!


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