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How To Make A Kick-Butt Fitness Website

If you’ve been reading our previous posts, you already know that social media is essential to marketing your fitness studio. But while you're focused on your Facebook feed, don't let your website fall to the wayside. This site is where the magic happens; it’s your home base! When someone sees one of your ads on Facebook, they go to your website to find out more, so dazzle them! This webpage represents you. A sleek, professional site makes you appear reputable and impressive, whereas an outdated site makes you, well…you get it. If you want to learn how to make your fitness webpage truly rave worthy, read on! Web Construction

Let’s start with choosing the best website building platform for you. SquareSpace and Wordpress are two of the most well known and user friendly programs that will get the job done. Either of these will help you create a beautiful yet sophisticated website. However, there are a few differences between the two of them:

Aesthetics and Branding

After you choose your platform, it’s time to start thinking about the aesthetics of your website, which basically means your color palette and design. If you have a logo, try to make it the central feature of your home page and then build your color palette around it! Colors are important because they evoke certain emotions. For example, blue conveys calmness while red exudes intensity. The color scheme you choose impacts the way your visitors feel about you, so making them upset isn’t the best business strategy. Avoid designs and palettes that look like they came out of the early 90s. It’s best to think modern and avoid obnoxious colors and backgrounds.

Once you’ve decided on a color scheme, stick with it because it’s part of your brand and identifies you! Put these colors on your social media and in your studio to spread your brand to more people.


Now you have a beautiful and professional website, but no content. Here are just a few examples of what to put on your page:

  • Call to Action: This is the most important part of your website, and where leads turn into clients. What are you trying to get people do by visiting your website? Whether you want them to redeem a promotion, sign up for a class or opt into your newsletter, be sure it’s clear to your visitors.

  • Contact Information: Obviously, you want people to talk to you, so provide an email address and phone number!

  • Meet the Staff: Make a tab where you introduce visitors to you and your team. Have everyone write a short bio and provide a picture of themselves. This is a cool way for people to get a little sneak peak into your studio before actually stepping foot there.

  • Client Profiles: Your clients are the greatest indicators of your success, so show them off (with their permission)! Share their weight loss stories and transformation pictures to show just how awesome your studio really is!

  • Class Schedule and Hours of Business: When are you open? This is important if your website visitors are going to turn into real clients!

Layout and Design

You’re almost done! Now you need to double-check that your website is cohesive and accessible. If you just throw all your content onto your homepage no one is going to read it all. That much text in one place is overwhelming and makes finding information difficult. Make your site more manageable by creating different tabs and categories to distribute your content throughout your site.

Let’s Go Mobile!

People access almost everything on the internet through their smartphones. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly so that you’re not pushing away potential clients!

Evaluate and Update

Check in on your website every so often and see how it’s doing. Try getting feedback from your clients and see what they liked and didn’t like about your site. Your studio’s online image is crucial to your success so don’t let your site gather dust, keep an eye on it as your business grows!

Now that you know all of our secrets, it’s time for you to get onto the World Wide Web and start designing your very own kick-butt website!


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