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How To Use Video To Dominate Social Media Markets

You’re scrolling through Facebook; amid the proposals, graduations and cat pictures something else catches your eye. You scroll back up and see a video of a yoga class. You click and watch the rest of the video and hey, it looks familiar. That studio is not too far from your apartment! Now you’re thinking that maybe you should check it out sometime. That’s the power of video. If you want people to actually pay attention to you, video is the way to do it, in large part because it causes people to stop scrolling. If you can get them to stop scrolling, even for a few seconds, they’re more likely to remember you and your business. Static images tend to slide right past eyeballs; video tends to snag them, even if only momentarily.

#1: Connect and Engage with your audience

Have you ever messaged someone and they interpreted it far differently than what you intended? This is the downfall of written communication, but with video you don't run into this problem. In a video you can use body language and your voice to influence the way your message will be received. These are both clear indicators of your tone; in a video it'll be obvious when you're happy, upset, tired or energized. But in writing you have to rely on punctuation and the occasional emoji to convey the same emotions. Now which way seems easier? If you said “video”, you’d be right! (And we at Big Raven Media know that video can seem intimidating, but we’re a full turn-key solution: You provide us with raw footage from something even as low-key and easy to use as as your smartphone’s video camera, and we’ll edit it together and set it to music for you.)

Another important part of your social media presence is the way you interact with your audience. Having this type of connection will make you more trustworthy and improve your credibility. With a blog post you can only respond after someone comments; on Facebook you can use live video to interact directly with your followers, address them by name and answer any questions they have seconds after they ask them.

#2: Tap into other mediums

Video is at an advantage because you are able to incorporate any other type of media you want! If you have a graphic or diagram you want to explain, just put it right in there and use a voice-over! If you’re looking to make your video more fun try using some fun sound pops! There are tons of possibilities when it comes to video so experiment and try something new!

#3: Create Shareable Content

Video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. That’s insane! We recommend keeping your videos concise, yet fun and informational. People respond well to personality so remember to let yours shine through. Still unsure of where to start? Here are a few of the most popular types of videos: explainers, product demos, how-tos and testimonials.

#4: Make It Accessible

Videos are great, but something that a lot of people forget are subtitles. Most often people are going to see your videos when they’re in public. This means they are highly unlikely to turn on the sound. In fact 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. So, if you actually want people to know what you’re saying you’ll need to add in subtitles. Facebook will generate these for you, but you should go back through and correct any of the errors their automated system is bound to make!

#5: Boost Your Posts

Videos are going to reach a larger audience than any photo or text post, but if you really want to maximize their power try “boosting” them. Facebook lets you target a specific audience so that you can broadcast your brand to the people who will be interested in you and your content!

Now it’s time for you to get out there and start conquering social media through video. People won’t be scrolling past you anymore!


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