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Latest Facebook Updates, New Instagram Business Profile Features

This week we'll be looking at some of the latest Facebook updates from June, as well as some ways you can bump up your Instagram business profile with the shoppable feature and action buttons.

To help you prioritize what to read, we’ve created a ranking system of 1 - 3 ravens. The bigger the flock, the greater the importance. If you want more than our summary, click the title for the full article.

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●New Paragraph New A/B testing features are in the works.

  • The feature will let admins post two variations of a single post to two separate audiences and analyze the results.

● Facebook has created a central location for "Memories."

  • All of the "on this day" posts that users get notifications for are going to put together in one place.

  • Users will be able to look back on the current day for all previous years and see the friends they made, posts they were tagged in and more.

● Polling stickers for Facebook Stories (Instagram-style)

  • This sticker poll option is available in Messenger Stories and will allow you to see your friends' answers in percentages in real time.

  • The feature allows users to make answers "yes or no" as well as multiple choice like "hot or cold."

● Facebook reviews will soon be based on a 10-point rating scale instead of a 5-point one.

  • The feature will measure ratings, reviews, and recommendations others have made of your business.

  • Below the score, it will say "based on the opinion of xxx people" so visitors can see how many people actually contributed to this ranking.

Source: HubSpot

● Create a Facebook Catalog for your products using the Facebook Business Manager.

  • Whenever you run a sale or promotion make sure to update your product catalog. Consistency is key!

● Build a shop on Facebook using Shopify or BigCommerce.

  • This is a more direct way to connect your Instagram business profile to a Facebook catalog.

  • You'll need to make at least nine shoppable posts in order to activate the "Shop" tab on your Instagram profile.

    • This tab will put all your shoppable posts together to make it easy for users to shop.

●There are a few different options for businesses when it comes to action buttons. In addition to the usual call, text, directions, and email there are four other options users can choose from.

  • Book, Buy Tickets, Start Order, Reserve

● Maximize the traffic to the action buttons using these tips:

  • Add call-to-actions in your post captions so your customers know they can book or buy tickets right on your profile.

  • Remind customers to visit your profile and go to the action buttons using stories.

  • Include a short call-to-action in your Instagram bio.

  • Make a coupon code that is exclusively available to Instagram users.

● Group admins wanted a way to help them earn some money to further engagement with their group members and continue to support their communities.

● Many group admins were already using various extra tools to make their groups subscription based.

● With the subscription group, admins can use built-in tools to collect payments and make it easier for them to create content for their members.

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