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This week you'll find everything you need to know about Instagram TV (IGTV) and shoppable tags on In

This week you'll find everything you need to know about Instagram TV (IGTV) and shoppable tags on Instagram as well as news about a few Facebook Apps.

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● Content that users upload to IGTV is required to be longer than 15 seconds.

  • That means you can't simply repurpose something from your Stories.

  • You are also required to upload from an external source.

  • You're basically making separate video content for your IGTV channel.

● Avoid using loud intros or distracting audio in your videos.

  • Videos in IGTV start instantly when they are viewed. This means that your users are probably going to have their audio turned on and are ready to listen.

  • You don't want to startle or annoy your viewers because you'll lose them pretty fast.

● Add clickable links to your video descriptions.

  • Any URL that you put in an IGTV video description will be clickable so you should use this space to drive traffic to your website or another URL of your choice.

  • Because IGTV is new, users may be unaware that you can click on the links so include a call to action for them to click on the links.

● Use hashtags in video descriptions.

  • As with the rest of Instagram, hashtags are huge for getting exposure on the site.

● Respond to comments on your videos.

  • Engage your viewers by responding to the questions or comments people post on your videos.

● This is an update for Facebook's app creation service. In the past you needed to wait for programmers to code additional information for the event in your app, relaunch the app and then wait again for customers to upgrade the app.

● The newest version of Facebook SDK includes a Marketing Kit that allows you to add, update and remove events.

● This feature makes the event creation process take just a few minutes.

Source: Ad Espresso

● If you have a website make sure to link it in a "Shop Now" CTA.

  • An effective CTA is proven to increase your conversions.

● What are Instagram Shopping Tags?

  • They're basically virtual shopping or product tags, like if you were tagging a person, but with a product.

  • They are extremely simple and are an efficient way to move a customer from discovery to checkout.

● You can repurpose organic posts into Ads. Consider using user-generated content and putting a shoppable tag on top of them.

● You can also use shoppable tags in your Instagram Stories.

● Facebook decided to shut down these three apps due to low usage.

● Hello is an app used by Android users in Brazil, the United States, and Nigeria to sync info from Facebook with contact information on their phones.

● Moves is a fitness app that records your daily activity including walking, cycling and running.

● tbh is an anonymous social media app for students in the United States

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