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Top 10 Things That People Want In A Fitness Studio

1. World Class Instructors

Instructors are the heart and soul of your studio — they’ll make or break a client’s experience! Your instructors are the ones with the most one-on-one interaction with your members so they should be dedicated and personable! The best instructors are loyal to your studio and to their students. Often, your clients will choose their classes based on who is teaching them; if they love the instructors they’ll love the studio!

2. Convenient Location

Finding the time to work out is already a hassle so you don’t want to push people even further away because you’re located in the middle of nowhere! The optimal location for your studio is somewhere that gets a lot of foot traffic and has easy, free parking, like near a large department store.

3. Class Availability

Most people work 9–5 jobs, so try to schedule several of your classes before 9 AM and after 5 PM. Middle of the day sessions can be good for some people, like stay-at-home parents, but make sure that you have availability for those who can’t make it to a noon class.

4. Reasonable Pricing

Price is usually the greatest obstacle for you as a studio owner and for your clients. You wouldn’t fork over your cash for just any old workout, so why would you expect your clients to? Prove your studio is worth the investment. Give them more than a come-and-go routine; connect with your clients and deliver an experience they’ll never forget!

5. Quality Equipment and Space

Clients won’t be sticking around if your studio looks like a garbage dump. You’re a professional now, so squeaky and rusted machines aren’t going to cut it. Make sure you’re maintaining whatever equipment you use so your clients don’t feel disgusted when it’s their turn to get on a bike or use the weights. A messy space is a complete turn-off for your visitors. (And keep those floors and bathrooms clean; nothing turns people off like a disgusting bathroom.)

6. Group Classes

Your studio is not only a space for people to work out but also a place for them to stimulate their social lives and make friends! Exercise is usually an individual journey but making it a group effort can be fun and engaging! Group classes also help build accountability. If someone misses a class their friends are going to notice and probably razz them about it.

7. Fun Music and Atmosphere

People are usually listening to music when they work out alone, so why not bring the tunes into your studio as well? Working out is already stressful on the body and the mind, so upbeat music can really help lighten the atmosphere. Spotify and Apple Music have tons of pre-made workout playlists. Get your members involved by making a personalized playlist for your studio and invite your members to collaborate on it!

8. Amenities

You may not be able to afford the hot tub or sauna that big million-dollar gyms have, but even the little amenities make a world of difference to your clients! A changing area, a water fountain, a scale, and other small additions are appealing to potential members.

9. Variety

Try offering different types of classes like Zumba and CrossFit. People don’t always like to stick to the same routine, so adding variety will keep people interested in your studio! There are also fitness die-hards who are committed to specific routines like CrossFit. If you offer these classes and have instructors who can teach these techniques your studio will appeal to a much larger and very dedicated audience.

10. Develop a Relationship With Your Clients

A studio is a much more intimate setting than the typical big-box gym that people are used to. From the first phone call, email or text, show you care about them by asking questions about their fitness level and experiences. This way your clients know that you really do want to help them reach their fitness goals. When they come to your studio for the first time make an awesome first impression! Be friendly, give them a tour of your studio, basically just make them feel like they belong there. After their session ask them how it went and what they’re feeling physically so you can give them some tips to deal with pain and soreness. Overall, developing this personal relationship with your clients will make them feel welcome and encourage them to come back to you! If you can’t beat your competitors with money, space and amenities, beat them with the personal touch!


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